Welcome from our
Managing Director

Welcome from John Brenton

Many thanks for visiting this site. It sets out who we are, as a firm and as individuals, and the skills and experience we offer in advancing the interests of our clients.

We believe government relations has fundamentally changed in recent years, as has politics itself. Social media and the move away from rusted-on major party support has created a far different environment and new risks for policy decision-makers. For this reason, advocacy and strategic advice must be based on careful intelligence gathering, research and in-depth analysis of where commercial and political interests align.

This is our speciality, supplemented by a determination to work to the highest ethical standards.

Many of our people have held senior roles in government, enabling us to bring valuable insights to the political and bureaucratic environment our clients engage with. These people, rather than more junior staff, provide daily management of our clients’ needs. We are very proud of the work we undertake and would be pleased to offer you any assistance.

John Brenton
Managing Director